How to Avoid a Case of Holiday Burnout

delegation tips holiday burnout stress management stress management tips Nov 04, 2022

You’ve spent months ordering seasonal inventory, planning out your Christmas content, and preparing for your biggest sale of the year – all before Black Friday. Then even more gets piled onto your plate in December: writing EOY reports and doing the work of four people while your employees go out of town. And that’s not even including the numerous school fundraisers, holiday potlucks, and family gatherings you have on your agenda this month.  


It’s enough to make anyone want to take a “long winter’s nap” – and not get out of bed until March.  


The holiday season is known as the busiest time of the year for a reason, as many professionals feel pressured to put the pedal to the metal and end the year with a bang – just as family and social demands also reach an all-time high. If just looking at your schedule sends your heart rate soaring, it might be time to light a candle, pour yourself a cuppa cheer, and review these strategies for avoiding holiday burnout.  


Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate  

You really shouldn’t be up on a ladder hanging a holiday display while you’re dictating Instagram captions to an employee below. Handing off responsibilities to other members of your team (at work and at home) can save you hours of time – not to mention your sanity. If most of your employees saved their vacation days for the third week of December, it may be a good idea to seek some outside help. 


Manage Your Expectations  

Many professionals feel the pressure to “go big or go home” during the holiday season, but sometimes, at home and on the couch (in front of your favorite Christmas movie) is exactly where you should be. Instead of trying to organize multiple campaigns, parties, and fundraisers, pick one or two events to focus on. One well-planned open house will likely make more of an impact than a series of hodge-podge sidewalk sales.  


Take a (Well Deserved) Break  

If you find yourself checking your inbox on Christmas Eve…you shouldn’t be. You deserve to enjoy the holiday season too, so go ahead: take your PTO and enjoy your time with friends and family without worrying about what Monday will bring.  


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