The Real Cost of Micromanagement

cost of micromanagement delegation how to delegate micromanagement micromanaging employees Sep 21, 2022

We see the same pattern over and over again: entrepreneurs hire the right people, put them in the right positions, and delegate the right tasks, but they still feel the need to “check-in” with those employees Every. Step. Of the way.

Your business is ultimately your responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you need to directly oversee every assignment, exchange, and interaction. Why? Not only does micromanagement take up your time, but it also takes a toll on employee morale. Here’s what micromanagement could be costing your business.


Executives are exposed to higher-level jobs, including strategic planning and client acquisition, that have significant effects on their business’ performance. But when their attention is diverted away from major transactions or partnerships to keep tabs on their employees’ emails…well, let’s just say it also has significant effects on their business’ performance. But not for the better. Micromanaging comes with a steep opportunity cost to both your brand and bottom line.

Employee Development

Development is about growing confidence in what you do. Micromanaging your employees denies them the opportunity to develop, takes away their natural or unique contributions to projects, and frustrates their ability to work independently or without supervision. While you can (and should) provide final approvals on major projects, the saying “practice makes perfect” is around for a reason.

Employee Morale

No one works well with someone looking over their shoulder. Feeling valued and having a strong sense of belonging at work is never possible when an executive is constantly questioning their employees’ capabilities. Micromanaging builds a culture of mistrust, leading to high turnover rates that can be red flags to potential hires.

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