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 A sought-after speaker for her expertise in issues surrounding entrepreneurship, leadership, management and Delegation Mastery™.

Jenna Spencer is the Founder and Visionary of AssistPro®, an executive assistant matching and delegation coaching service created to free up time and create growth for busy leaders. Since founding AssistPro in 2014, Jenna has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them find the ”Right-Fit Assistant™ for them and teaching them how to delegate and develop their assistants into leaders, as well. Under her direction and leadership, AssistPro has grown more than 50% each year since its founding – and has led to her creation and launch of an extension of the company devoted to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners master the art of delegation. The educational platform, Delegation Works, provides a proven step-by-step process and unique multi-faceted video course to help people harness the power of effective delegation to grow their businesses.

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Seeking the perfect speaker who will engage your audience and provide them with the tools they need to be successful in today’s busy, time-crunched world? Jenna not only “talks the talk” when it comes to delegation…but has truly "walked the walk." And now, she’s ready to share her delegation secrets and strategies with your organization! Book her for your keynote today!

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